BIOreACT project, Business Plan Competition

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TitleBIOreACT project, Business Plan Competition
Publication TypeComunication - Oral
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsCanadas R. F., Marques A. P., Oliveira J. M., and Reis R. L.

BIOreACT is the solution for an unmet need in drug development by Pharma and Cosmetics R&D, who currently use inefficient 2D in vitro models. Our Dynamic 3D in vitro system is adapted to mimic the physiological conditions and relevant in vivo stimuli. Unlike 2D in vitro models, our dynamic system is more reliable and predictive. BIOreACT has designed and manufactured a novel bioreactor for 3D cell culture that simulates the complexity of human tissues with high fidelity in the lab bench. The bioreactor system that has been developed is composed of disposable interconnected dual-chambers which are adapted for mono- and co-cultures in a 3D matrix or membranes allowing the breakthrough of testing multiple scenarios in drug testing. The system can be used in static or dynamic modes since the dual-chambers are adaptable to a dynamic platform commercialized apart but also fit the current commercially available 6-well tissue culture plates. The compatibility to the current cell culture consumables allows the use of these dual-chambers as an upgrade to the conventional cell culture. Moreover, a compressible module can be added to mimic the weight pressure. This technology has applications not only in the development of new drugs but also in the stem cell research, cell therapy and tissue engineering fields. Another example of a possible application relates to tissue culture-based cancer theranostics using tumor biopsies to assess drug resistance and patient-specific response to available therapeutic drugs.

Conference NameTERMIS-EU 2016
Date Published2016-07-01
Conference LocationUppsala, Sweden
Keywordsbioreact, bioreactor, Business Plan, in vitro models, Startup
Peer reviewedyes

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