Micro-nano composite mesh scaffold in mouse MPC osteogenic differentiation

last updated: 2014-12-06
TitleMicro-nano composite mesh scaffold in mouse MPC osteogenic differentiation
Publication TypeConference Abstract -ISI Web of Science Indexed
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMartins A., Pinho E. D., Malafaya P. B., Marques A. P., Reis R. L., and Neves N. M.

In the biomaterials field, nanofibrous structures and composites are promising materials to produce scaffolds mimicking the architec- ture of the extracellular matrix (ECM). Indeed, the ECM of con- nective tissues is a biological example of a micro-nanofibrous structure. The main objective of this work is to evaluate a novel scaffold produced with microfibres obtained by melt extrusion of a blend of chitosan and a synthetic biodegradable polymer, poly (butylene succinate) (50:50 wt). This blend was also compounded with electrospun chitosan nanofiber meshes (0.05% wt) to obtain a nano-reinforced composite.

Tensile mechanical testing of the reinforced microfibres showed that the modulus is increased up to 70% (295.7

Date Published2010-03-17
Keywordsmicro-nano scaffolds, osteogenic differentiation
Peer reviewedno

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