Enantiomeric electro-oxidation of D- and L-glucose on chiral gold single crystal surfaces

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TitleEnantiomeric electro-oxidation of D- and L-glucose on chiral gold single crystal surfaces
Publication TypePapers in Scientific Journals
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsMartins A., Ferreira V. C., Queirós A., Aroso I. M., Fernando Sousa Silva A., and Feliu J.

The enantioselectivity of the gold chiral surfaces towards the electrocatalytic oxidation of d- and l-glucose in neutral phosphate-buffered media is reported. Two enantiomorphic surfaces were used, Au{3 2 1}R and Au{3 2 1}S, and results obtained by cyclic voltammetry were compared with two non-chiral surfaces having the same terrace and step orientations, Au(1 1 1) and Au(2 1 1). An enantioselective effect is observed, Au{3 2 1}R exhibits a higher activity for d-glucose while Au{3 2 1}S exhibits a higher activity for l-glucose. The corresponding enantioselectivity factor was estimated to 10% for the process occurring at lower potential values and to 50% for the process at higher potential values. These results represent the first evidence that gold chiral surfaces are capable of enantiomeric discrimination.

JournalElectrochemistry Communications
Date Published2003-09-01
KeywordsChiral surfaces, Enantioselectivity, Glucose electro-oxidation, Gold
Peer reviewedyes

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