Application of antioxidant plants as anti-hemolytic agents

last updated: 2014-05-20
TitleApplication of antioxidant plants as anti-hemolytic agents
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFernandes J. C., and Pereira D. M.
EditorsPereira D. M.
Abstract Text

The use of medicinal plants represents the oldest and most common form of medication. Among the hundreds of studies published in the last two decades on medicinal plants research, the quest for new antioxidant drugs has a been pivotal. Some of those plants with antioxidant activity, as well as their bioactive components, have been in some cases further analyzed for a hypothetical anti-hemolytic potential. Although oxidative stress is not the primary etiology of diseases such as hemolytic anemias, it is believed to aggravate them. Therefore, the use of natural antioxidants, either as additives or as pharmaceutical supplements, may prevent or at least slow down free radical reactions that are responsible for provoking damage to essential red blood cell molecules. In this Chapter, we review the current knowledge regarding the use of medicinal plants as anti-hemolytic agents. Particular emphasis in the compounds responsible for this activity, as well as the mechanism of action is given.

Book TitleMedicinal Plants: Antioxidant Properties, Traditional Uses and Conservation Strategies
PublisherNova Science Publishers
KeywordsAnti-hemolytic, antioxidant, Plants
Peer reviewedyes

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